What is Knowledge Pills?

Knowledge pills is a new method of education that strengthens professional competences by using short pieces of multimedia advice (knowledge pills). Knowledge pills is a short instructional movie – presenting how to conduct certain activities in the work station, by re-producing day-to-day tasks in an appealing format.

There are two elements that define Knowledge Pills:

  1. Knowlege Pills is targeted to a specific performance objective - one microlearning module is aimed at introducting one concept, chaning one behaviour or exploring one idea.
  2. Knowledge Pills includes a focused learning activity - it might be a game or an interactive video but that activity is focused on just one behavior or concept.

The Knowledge pills brings a new approach to training that has the following main innovations:

  • It follows the social learning theory, according to which people can learn with others, now using the social tools available.
  • It delivers training according to the specific need of each person in a “just-in-time” manner.
  • It empowers people to be trainers and coaches at all times.
  • It uses multimedia as the way to create knowledge pills.
  • It creates true learning organizations by using knowledge shared across the organizations, big or small.

Knowledge Pills is not so much about short versus long. It's about distinct content pieces versus broader training.

Advantages of Knowledge Pills

  • The ability to develop training tailored to the needs of the station.
  • Ease of creation - everyone can be a trainer.
  • Easy to shared - especially with social media.
  • Support know-how.
  • The ability to conduct training when needed and as often as needed.
  • Reduce the cost of traditional training.
  • Facilitate training for employees, customers and partners.
  • The shortest time to create training content.

Essential Knowledge Pills:

  • Title - should clearly indicate the purpose of Knowledge Pills so that anyone who reads it can recognize whether it contains the content you want.
  • Question - which is trying to answer Knowledge Pills. It can be written or verbal, or both depending on the Knowledge Pilss format.
  • Answer - presented in a clear, direct and concise manner.
  • Tags - keywords that describe the content of Knowledge Pills, allowing for better search on the web and social media.

How to use Knowledge Pills

There is plenty of opportunity to use knowledge pills. You can use an asset like a video or game to engage learners before the training ever begins. Knowledge Pills can be helpful when you're explaining the purpose of training, motivating employees to get involved.  Your Knowlege Pills can help them focus on a specific behaviors that need to change  or information they need to know. Using these asset alone or with traditional training helps you impact and track change better.

Examples of Knowledge Pills:

  • Motivational video
  • Diagnostic quizzes
  • Infographics
  • Flipped pre-work
  • Decison-making scenarios
  • How-to demos
  • Job aids